House Arrest

Sitting here waiting on my PO who is a complete dick, the thoughts keep coming. This is my second time on the ankle bracelet in five years. The first one I fully accepted after I had a hearty breakfast of Xanax and methadone and literally got lost on my way to the other clinic I was in. This time it’s for driving while suspended years after that charge. You would think after years of this bullshit I’d figure a way off paper completely but not yet . With addicts, at least this one, it seems there is no such thing as I learned my lesson…. somehow I end up getting high and getting in trouble. The extra 108 dollars a week also doesn’t deter me…. stretching an already tight budget past it’s limit. To me that’s there game, punishment before and in place of any kind of treatment. Fines, court costs etc. cost me in the tens of thousands but if someone put drugs in front of me today I’d probably take them. An obsession of the mind that ignites the allergy in my body….. sets up a craving and then all bets are off